Our IT System Recommendations

There are many categories of IT Systems and we know firsthand how overwhelming this area can be, when you are a startup or small businesses. So we decided to chip in and offer our recommendations for IT solutions.

Listed below are our top pics for different IT categories that we use ourselves and are happy to recommend to others. In some categories, we have even added a runner up that we either have experience with or saw as the second-best option, when we did the evaluation.



Bookkeeping becomes much easier than ever before when using Pleo. Although it is a bit more expensive for smaller companies, the investment is well worth it. Pleo helps save a lot of time from accounting for all expenses related to business trips, customer meetings, or simple purchases. Especially their latest feature that handles digital receipts has made their system close to perfect.

See: www.pleo.io



Pipedrive contains everything you need in a CRM system, with very affordable pricing and a simple overview of your current potentials (pipeline).

See: www.pipedrive.com (Using this link will get you an extended 30 day trail period, instead of the normal 14 days.)

Online Phone System


Based in the UK, CircleLoop is one of the most affordable and simple online phone systems out there. They provide international phone numbers on request and they have clients for most platforms. Furthermore, CircleLoop integrates with Pipedrive CRM, which makes these two go incredibly well together. 

Does not support SIP endpoints

See: www.circleloop.com/ (With this link you get one user free for 30 days)


Phone.Systems is a very affordable and extremely flexible phone system. They provide both a call center and IVS – and compared to CircleLoop, they also provide SIP endpoints. However, Phone.Systems does not integrate with Pipedrive CRM yet. 

See: www.phone.systems

Online Support Portal


Siportly is without doubt the best Online Support Portal. We highly recommend this software, having tested unbelievably many Online Support Portals. Supporting multiple brands under one system, Siportly is a ticket-based system with knowledge bases that provides public feedback via forums. 

See: www.sirportly.com

Online Chat:


Being a free system, Tawk.to comes with all the important features that you may need for an Online Chat. Additionally, it integrates effortlessly with Sirportly and Pipedrive through email forwards. 

See: www.tawk.to

Integration Platform


Integromat is cheap, powerful, and also the most configurable and customizable platform to integrate cloud systems. The system is very simple to use for modest scenarios.

See: www.integromat.com

Social Media Management


Compared to the set of features, SocialPilot has a very good pricing. It integrates with all major social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.). The software also has a queue system for team members to submit posts for approval, which makes coordination of social media extremely easy. 

Does unfortunately not integrate with Instagram’s API yet. 

See: www.socialpilot.co