Aarhus University

Case Study

At the Aarhus School of Business, OrgCon is used both in the undergraduate and executive MBA teaching.

Undergraduate level

At the undergraduate level the OrgCon software is used to give the student a good feeling for the interdependencies and complexities of Organizational Design. The students work in teams to analyzed particular case companies. Usually the base information is public information about the company in the situation where the company wants to issue more stock e.g. on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange. The students use OrgCon to diagnose potential organizational design issues in the particular company.

Executive MBA

At the executive MBA level the students in an intensive Organizational Design workshop are divided into teams of four. One of the four is chosen to be the informant/manager if his/her company and the three other in the team consultants that should do and organizational design analysis of the informants company. The intensive workshop consists of a theory section, the team analysis section and a team presentation section. In the team presentation section each team presents to all the other teams their analysis and suggestions for managerial actions.

Aarhus University

The Aarhus School of Business is part of Aarhus University, Aarhus, Denmark. It offers both undergraduate and graduate level studies in areas such as Business, Management, Economics, Language, and Law.

An EQUIS accreditation places Aarhus BSS among the best business schools worldwide and on a par with the London Business School, INSEAD in France and the University of Washington, USA. Moreover, ASB has more than 12.000 students, making it one of Europe’s largest accredited institutions.

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Source: AU Key Figures 2017