Stanford University

Case Study

The Burton and Obel book and the OrgCon software was used as the major reading and exercise, respectively, for the Company Organization Design portion of a class on Organization Design for Projects and companies. For the exercise, the students used OrgCon to analyze a real company in which they conducted interviews to gather the needed input data and then discussed thier findings with managers in the company.

In lectures, the software is projected on the screen as the primary teaching and explanation tool and students use the textbook as a reference for the theory and background of rules in OrgCon.

Stanford University

The Leland Stanford Junior University, commonly known as Stanford University (or simply Stanford), is a prestigious private university located approximately 37 miles (60 kilometers) southeast of San Francisco in an unincorporated part of Santa Clara County. Adjacent to the city of Palo Alto, Stanford lies at the heart of the Silicon Valley, both geographically and historically.

Situated on an expansive campus, the University offers, in addition to its undergraduate college, schools of engineering, law, medicine, education, business, earth sciences, and humanities and sciences. Stanford hosts programs and a teaching hospital in addition to various community outreach and volunteer initiatives. Research is conducted in many areas, including anthropology, robotics, geophysics, and entomology.


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