1981 – EcoMerc was founded by Børge Obel and a group of professors at Odense University in Denmark. Our main focus was software development and consulting for private and public industries. Early activities included development of EPJ’s for private medical clinics and analytic software for financial industries.

1997 – EcoMerc expanded to the United States, as we included Professor Richard M. Burton as a partner.

2000 – EcoMerc merged with Managers Hotline.

2005 – EcoMerc separated from Managers Hotline and once again became an independent company fully owned by Børge Obel and Richard M. Burton. We narrowed our focus onto strategic organizational diagnosis and design and our knowledge-based expert system OrgCon®.

2015 – Peter Duffy Obel joined EcoMerc as CTO/CFO and part-owner. The same year, we published FourMinutes, Outlook Meeting Optimization and turned our focus to building 

2017 – Xenia Duffy Obel joined EcoMerc as COO and part-owner. 

2018 – EcoMerc became zeal. We