1984 – Founded

EcoMerc was founded by Børge Obel and a group of professors at Odense University, Denmark. Early activities included development of EPJ’s for private medical clinics and analytic software for financial industries.

1997 – US Expansion

US-based Professor Richard M. Burton joined as partner and we narrowed our focus to our expert system OrgCon® and strategic organizational diagnosis and design.

2000 – First Cloud Ever

EcoMerc merged with Managers Hotline, and we developed and launched the first ever cloud solution for managing and designing organizations.

2005 – Separated

We decided to separate from Managers Hotline and once again became an independent company fully owned by Børge and Richard.

2014 – Meeting Optimization

We published FourMinutes, Outlook Meeting Optimization (4minutes.systems).

2015 – New CEO

Peter Duffy Obel joined as co-owner and CEO. We turned our focus to sustainable business models from the perspective of people, systems and organizational design.

2017 – #Sustainablebusiness

Xenia Duffy Obel joined as co-owner, and EcoMerc became zeal. We joined the zebra movement and dedicated all resources to building sustainable organizations.