how to become sustainable

We recommend that you start by screening and analyzing your current business model for potential.

  • Do you know your current customer’s stand on sustainability?
  • Do you know your future client’s perspective and preferences?
  • Do you know the forecasted availability or expected, future cost of your key ressources?
  • Is your industry likely to be disrupted?
  • Is there a potential for digitalizing your product, production or services?

Questions like these uncover all the opportunities that you can consider, when developing your future, sustainable business model. As soon as you have identified the gaps, untapped resources and potential new products, markets or customer segments, you can start building your road map. The road map should visualize all the little steps you plan to take to get to your ultimate goal of becoming sustainable.

For insights on the five models of circular economy (prolonging product life cycle, sharing economy, reuse/redistribute, refurbish/remanufacture, and recycle) – read more here.

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