Embedding virtuality into organization design theory: virtuality and its information processing consequences

New Approaches to Organization Design: Theory and Practice of Adaptive Enterprises (Information and Organization Design Series)

K. Wickstrøm Jensen, D. D. Håkonsson, R. M. Burton, and B. Obel, “Embedding virtuality into organization design theory: virtuality and its information processing consequences,” in New approaches to organization design, A. Bøllingtoft, D. D. Håkonsson, J. F. Nielsen, C. C. Snow, and J. Ulhøi, Eds., Springer Publishing Company, 2009, p. 99–122.

Product Description

Organization design is a key feature of management theory and practice. It addresses the challenges of constructing and maintaining effective organizations. Essential to organizational design is the assumption that it can improve organizations.

Faced with the ever-accelerating pace of technological change and the restructuring of markets, many firms have been questioning their own organization. This book is the third to emerge from a series of workshops on organization design, featuring new empirical research and theoretical insights. The chapters are organized around four central themes: 1) Towards New Organizational Forms, 2) Dynamics of Adaptation and Change, 3) Theoretical and Practical issues, 4) Fit and Performance. Collectively, the chapters reflect the state of the art of OD as well as provide a further step towards the evolution of this important field of research.


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