Sustainable organizations are based on sustainable systems. Basically, we help you simplify your business life.

How much time during a single work day do you spend on IT systems? We connect your IT systems, integrate your processes and make your systems work for you in order to free up your valuable time to do business.

Whether it is integration of your existing systems or helping you build a customized solution, we can get you through this.

Recommended Systems

There are many categories of systems, we have a set of solutions that we recommend for startups and small businesses. Listed below are our top pics for different categories, sometimes with a runner up.



Everything you need in a CRM system, with affordable pricing and a very simple overview of your current potentials (pipeline). See: (with this link you get an extended 30 days trial instead of the normal 14 days)

Online Phone System:


The most affordable and simple online phone system, based in the UK, they do on request provide international phone numbers. Additionally the have clients for most platforms. Also integrates with Pipedrive CRM. Does not support SIP endpoints. See: (With this link you get one user free for 30 days)


Extremely flexible phone system, very affordable. Phone Systems provides a call center, IVS and SIP endpoints. However, does not integrate with Pipedrive CRM yet.

Online Support Portal:

We have tested so so so many of these, that we may need to create a complete write up of the differences, the space is so extremely crowded.


Supports multiple brands under one system, supports public feedback (forums). Ticket system. Knowledge bases.

Online Chat:

Free with all important features, integrates nicely with Sirportly and Pipedrive through email forwards.

Integration Platform:


The most configurable and customizable platform to integrate cloud systems, also cheap and powerful. Simple to use for simple scenarios.

Social Media Management:


Very good pricing compare to feature set, integrates with all major social media platforms, unfortunately not integrated with Instagrams API (yet). Has a queue system for team members to submit posts for approval.