Organization Design Course

Become an organization designer and lead design and implementation of organizations that match business requirements.

During a 2 day program course you will learn basic organizational design theory and how to apply professional organization design implementation methods and tools to your own case.

The course is designed around the 5 phases that most projects go through (analyse, design, implement, assure, sustain). Throughout the course the elements of the phases will be applied to participant cases. The course integrates application with state-of-the-art theory.

An overview of organisation design theory will be covered by the renowned author of several books on organisation design Professor Børge Obel.

Jesper Sylvest Sørensen will use his experience from implementing new organisations in more than 40 countries to cover the elements on leading organisation design during the various phases of implementation.

Day 1: Organization Design Theory, Scope, Contingencies and Input, Diagnosis and Misfit Analysis
Day 2: Design Challenges, Design Principles, Build Design Option, Core Design Selection, Detailed Design, Plan and Implementation