why sustainable

You shouldn’t strive to become a sustainable business to look good on a CSR report. You don’t even have to want to save the earth. We recommend that you become sustainable to save your business.

Becoming a sustainable business addresses your entire business model and helps you earn more, save more and be more effective by saving on CO2 emissions, developing synergies, and planning for the longterm.

According to an article in Value Invest (#1, 2017), 90 % of 200 studies showed that companies driven by sustainable principles have a lower CAPEX. 80 % showed a positive correlation between ESG (environmental, social and governance criteria) and profits. This is one of the reasons more investors look into ESGs, when selecting companies to invest in.

Besides the fact that is good business, sustainability is great for the environment, attracts more talents, opens up new market opportunities and engages new clients.

Sustainable businesses are especially popular with the younger segment. In fact, 8 out of 10 between the ages of 18 and 29 believe that the climate changes are the biggest issues of the world today. This is a strong argument for business owners to start thinking about their environmental profile. Young people are not only our future workforce. They are our future clients.